We’re in NYC!!!

Eli and I are in New York.  Today we flew from Madison to Milwaukee to La Guardia airport in NYC.  We took a bus to Midttown Manhattan (well, Columbia University campus), then a subway to Greenwich Village, where we are now.  Wow!  Culture shock!  So far we are tired, and camping out at the Westbeth Artist Community, a 13-or-so story building, on the 10th floor.  But tomorrow we got out and make our way to City College, and to discover all that is out there…

We’ll keep you posted!

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2 Responses to We’re in NYC!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m SO impressed.
    Not only is this a really cool thing that you can do this, but it is a really sweet way to connect with your daughter who is 1/2 a world away. I am sure she must enjoy seeing these. Now having said this, although you have explained the blog concept to me several times, I still don’t know who is seeing this comment other then you. If you are seeing this Kailah, hello to you and I have been enjoying your blog too. This is such a cool way to communicate. I haven’t responeded to your blog yet Kailah (if you can read this) because I still don’t quite get who sees it. Yes, Claire I know you explained it many times.
    Hope things are going outstandingly well in NYC and that it is not too hot while you are pounding the paved city.
    Get some great pics, love, love love the blog!
    Miss you
    PS Can we plan on Saturday morning, as in the afternoon we have an appointment at 2:30 and won’t get home till about 4p?

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