City College and more!

So today Eli and I left the apartment in the pouring rain.  I felt lucky to be like all of the New Yorkers with umbrellas as it was about a 15-minute walk to the subway.  We took the #1 train to City College at 137th Street (involving a walk uphill not unlike Bascom Hill).  Eli took the COMPASS math placement test while I visited other offices to straighten out paperwork.  Then we met with a really nice man in Student Services (the director) who helped us get a handle on looking for places to live and possible job opportunities.  The upshot of it all is that Eli will live at the 135th Street YMCA in Harlem for a month when he moves to NYC in August.  Then he can look for a place to live in a more realistic fashion.  After that we ate slices of pizza near campus and set out to visit 84-yr-old Uncle Josef Griliches in the DeWitt Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on East 79th Street.  This involved taking the #1 train to 96th Street, catching a crosstown bus to Lexington Avenue, then getting on another bus on Lexington Avenue to 79th street and walking a few blocks.  The crosstown bus went through Central Park; probably the only time I’ll see it on this trip.  From the nursing home we took the #6 train south to Bleecker Street in the East Village and then walked all the way back here in the far West Village (we didn’t have to; we could have taken the train or a bus, but I wanted to be in a place I had read so much about).  Needless to say, we are absolutely exhausted but super impressed with the transit system and our ability, as novices, to navigate it.  (We have a great map, which helps.)   This whole college thing is turning into a reality – Eli needs to come back on the 13th of August to register, go to Orientation, and start classes a week later!!!!  Hasta Manana…

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One Response to City College and more!

  1. Anonymous says:

    what a day
    You guys are great. i can’t believe you navigated all that successfully. That was an amazing amount of public transportation. I hope tomorrow goes as well. That is so excellent that you got all that school stuff done. Annie got registered at MATC today and we thought that was a big deal, but after what you did today, we are thinking differently now. Yours was a bit more of a grand scale! Travel safe. Hope to see you saturday. Maybe you can help me figure how to get pictures on my page so I can send Alex a good night message each night.
    Stay safe,

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