Saying Goodbye to New York

I’ve really enjoyed my time here and am a little sad to leave.  This evening I took a walk around the neighborhood on my own and visited a store that I had read about in the New Yorker.  That was pretty cool!  In the morning, Eli and I had walked over to the Hudson River Parkway or whatever it’s called – there are separate lanes for bikers and walkers/runners.  A really nice place to be.  I will post some photos once I am home.  Otherwise, we didn’t do a whole lot today.  This afternoon, we were scheduled for a tour of City College.  It was a super hot day and for some reason our subway car wasn’t air-conditioned the way the others have been.  At around 110th street (Eli would know for certain, I bet) the doors didn’t close and we just sat there getting hotter and hotter.  It was sweltering.  Fellow riders all began to speculate about the problem, and we saw MTA security leading a man with two duffel bags and a shopping bag away.  An official came on the loudspeaker to announce that there was an ill passenger and as soon as the police and rescue squad came, we could get going.  So we continued to sit, except for the people who were walking from car to car to find a cooler one.  Later, we saw the duffel-bag guy giving a detailed description of a suspicious person he said he’d seen on the train to an NYPD officer.  We never saw anyone who looked to be sick and getting rescued. However, we sat there for about a half hour, and had we sat any longer it would have been me they would have had to rescue.  I think it was over 100 degrees in our car.  Once we got going, there was another stoppage in the tunnel, which was even hotter because our doors weren’t open.  Finally we made it to 137th Street, hiked it up the hill as fast as we could, and arrived “late” to our appointment, which started about 1/2 hour late so we were just fine.  The tour was pretty informal but informative to me.  I had no idea how prestigious City College was, but it seems to be a really challenging program.  Here’s another tidbit – it was founded in 1847, same year as Beloit College!  Oh, and one more thing: it was founded by Townshend Harris, or “Commodore Perry” – the namesake of our little Town of Perry!  After our tour, we spent more time in the Office of Student Services, mostly getting advice about how and where to look for housing.  This town is so expensive, and brokers so profit-happy, that people can expect to pay not only one or two month’s rent up front, but another month’s as a security deposit, and then a broker’s fee of 12% of the annual rent – yikes!  This is making the Y look pretty appealing.  Eli still hopes to find a place in Brooklyn for himself and his friends.

Well, that’s all for now!  At 3:45 a.m. tomorrow (Friday) we will get into a taxi and start heading back to Wisconsin – but for Eli, only temporarily.  He’s due to return in August to register and stay…..

Bye, New York!

OH – if you heard anything about part of Lexington Avenue blowing up yesterday… it happened not long after Eli and I had just gone through on the train.  So we were OK, but it freaked everyone out big time, especially as it was near the financial district and therefore close to the WTC site.  You can read about it here:

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