Before Paradise

Before we went to Paradise, we were already hot and tired.  We had taken a great hike to the Au Sable Lighthouse, but it was boiling hot and the flies were biting…
This sign tells you about all of the shipwrecks.  I guess that even having a lighthouse isn’t foolproof.
The level of Lake Superior has dropped significantly over the last few years, and especially this year.  That makes the shipwreck sites even more visible.  I would have taken more photos, but the flies were biting my bare legs and I had to keep moving.
You could pay $2.00 each for a Forest Service tour of the lighthouse, but the groundskeeper told us a lot about the place.  We just didn’t get to walk up to the top for free.  From there, we walked to a logging historical site.  There had been a log-sliding chute (not for people!  but sounds like fun!) during the time when the whole UP was deforested.  Now only the groove in the dune remains.  I’m pretty sure you kids would remember these dunes.

And looking to the left, you can see the lighthouse in the distance.

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