Well, we really needed rain (I’ve been meaning to post a photo of the dead lawn) but last night was more than we bargained for.  Although Madison’s official rainfall total was 1.65″, the nice weather lady did acknowledge that “parts of eastern Iowa and western Dane counties received between seven to ten inches.”  That’s us, baby!  Between midnight and 6:30 or so, it poured so hard we couldn’t believe it.  Here are some photos from the outside.  I didn’t have the heart to take any of the basement.  Also, rain came in where the old kitchen/bathroom meets the dining room… and I thought we were done with leaky roofs!  This was just not an ordinary storm. 
This photo was taken at 7:45, when the water on the completely flooded driveway had already receded somewhat.
The pool was open, but nobody swam in it this year.
Where the building used to be is now a lake.
Interesting photography note for us Canon Powershot users:  The first of these two shots was taken with the “auto” setting, the second on “foliage.”  In the first one, the picture turned out blurry but you could see the waterfall,  (The “auto” setting couldn’t handle the low light?) However, doesn’t the foliage look lovely in the second?  The views are identical.  Note also that we didn’t have to hike at all to see this waterfall.

Ditto for these!

Back in the valley, too.

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