A little more Michigan

This evening I’m going to a Wingra Board meeting.

Here are a few more photos from our camping trip:

On another hot day, we took a hike to Beaver Lake from the Little Beaver Lake campground. Unlike the campground where we were staying, these sites were on a small lake where people could put in a small boat or anything with an electric motor/no motor.  The sites were too close together for our taste, but the lake was gorgeous. 

We started by hiking through an enormous birch forest.  Touche, Kazakhstan!
These are the roots of an enormous downed tree.

The path took us over a creek and into a lovely meadow where we picked raspberries.  We also discovered back-country campsites, and interesting aluminum poles with hooks on top… they turn out to be a system for hanging your food out of the reach of bears.  That made us a little nervous about bears, so we did much looking over our shoulders on the way back.

Everything in that forest was enormous, including the leaves of the Moose Maples.

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2 Responses to A little more Michigan

  1. wei_k says:

    Ooh, again, glad you’ve posted these! ^_^
    That leaf is so big!
    The other day I saw a spider (thankfully far away) that looked to be the size of my hand. Ooh, made me think of that exhibit of bugs at the Elvehjem/Chazen, you know?

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