On our last night in the Pictured  Rocks National Lakeshore, there was a special event in our campground.  The Reg Pettibone Native American Dance Troupe came to perform.  It turns out that they are from Wisconsin  Dells.  The troupe consists of a father, mother and daughter (about age 11).  Reg spoke at length about the dances and the traditions that inspired them, including the Women’s Traditional Dance, the Hunting Dance, and the Butterfly  Dance, in which a girl opens her cape the way a butterfly emerges from a cocoon, symbolizing the changes from girlhood to womanhood. I didn’t get a good photo of that dance, but I do have a nice one of Coral Sky’s “Jingle Dress,” which contains 365 individual pieces of metal.  Each piece (recycled from Copenhagen tobacco can lids), had been passed through the smoke of a sage fire during the utterance of a prayer or wish for someone’s health.  Therefore, the dress is worn during a sacred dance when one is asking for an ill person to be healed.

It felt a little voyeuristic to be photographing them; however, they didn’t seem to mind and everyone else was doing it, and it was extremely beautiful.

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