Eli has made it to New York.  He is staying at the Harlem YMCA.

So far, it is somewhat disappointing.  His reserved room was “unavailable,” so he is in a double (just like a single with a bunkbed), so it feels a little more crowded.  The lounge on his floor has no microwave/hot plate, so he can’t cook.  The bathroom doesn’t lock, so he doesn’t feel quite as safe as he thought he would.  However, when I talked to him he had shaved, showered, and was going to go out and look for some dinner.  I’m hoping that things will improve.  One step at a time… at least he made it there!

Meanwhile, Roya has been having a frustrating time dog-sitting Satchmo.

He’s whining and barking a lot, and it’s driving her nuts.  Also, he is nipping her and that’s no fun either.

In other news, tomorrow  Roya will register for school for the last time.  She’s the last Weiss-Weinberg left in Mt Horeb schools, and soon there will be none.

Check out these garden pics: this year we got smart and made things climb the fence.  Can you believe the Asian Yard-Long Beans?  I think they’ll have to turn purple before they are ripe.  Wow!

Tomorrow I leave for Boston and Rhode Island, and will be back in a week.  I may or may not have the opportunity to post anything during that time…..

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One Response to News

  1. wei_k says:

    wow wow wow!
    You have such great blog posts
    hope you made it East alright.
    I just reserved myself a room in a hostel, 1st time i’ve done such a thing, and i feel better knowing i have a room waiting for me.
    love you.

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