Disregard that barn logo there; I’m not home

Well, I tried to upload a userpic of Cambridge, but I couldn’t, so just use your imagination. 

I’ve been in Boston since Tuesday.  When I arrived, Eve picked me up and took me home to her awesome apartment.  From the roof, you can see Fenway Park, and later in the evening we watched the game on TV that was being played only a short distance away. 

The next day, I arrived at Aunt Diane’s house.  We’ve been having fun hanging out, cooking great food, and walking around Boston.  Here is Post Office Park, which is the best park in city I think I have ever seen. I took some photos, non-digital, that I’ll show you later.

Yesterday I went to visit Susan, David, Adam, Emily and Elizabeth.  They have a new puppy!!! It’s a Cabochon named Glinda. 

Today I had lunch with Uncle Max and Aunt Julie.  Then in the evening, Max and Julie and Uncle Marc came over for dinner.  Uncle Max’s book has just been published in German. 

  Here is the link to the German version on amazon.de:


Right now I think the Red Sox are losing, although this afternoon they won the first game in their double-header.  They’ll also play tomorrow and Sunday. 

Tomorrow I’m going to Rhode Island. 

Eli has managed to register for classes but still hasn’t been able to pay or get a student ID.  One step at a time…

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