Expanding, Contracting

So now all of our kids are back within a 75-mile radius; how about that?

Eli is home from New York and Roya returned home from L.A. this morning.
Hope Beloit is great!

This evening I had a Board meeting, so I couldn’t make/bake anything for our staff breakfast potluck tomorrow morning.  I did the next best thing and bought vegan blueberry muffins from Willy Street Coop.

Unfortunately, they had piled all 12 of them into a bag while still hot, so most of them were smashed.  When I showed the mess to the deli person, she gave me 1/2 off, so now I have half-price but smashed muffins to bring to the potluck, which wasn’t the original intent.  They still taste good, though.

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One Response to Expanding, Contracting

  1. talking2alex says:

    sorry about the muffins
    The ones in the picture look very good, it’s the thought right?
    Hope the meeting goes ok. Annie made it through her first day of MATC, only lost her locker once!
    see ya this weekend

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