Back at home with the fam

Spotty is back at home, after spending the night at the vet.  Turns out she had a bladder infection, and is now taking antibiotics; just to be safe, however, they also put her on the equivalent of Prozac for kitties.
Amitriptyline; sold to humans as Elavil

Roya is out at marching band “camp.”  She is bummed out that this year, her senior year, they will not be marching on the field at all, but only on the track.  Also, they will only play at three or four games.  What a rip-off!  In other school-related news, Roya finished her essay on The Poisonwood Bible and handed it in to Mr. Frye, who did not seem to realize that it was late. She also attended a meeting of the Drama Club officers, of which she is one now – treasurer!  This evening she hopes to visit Tyler in Sellery Hall.  Today was move-in day.

Eli hung out, played drums, and engaged us in philosophical/political conversations.  Today he was wearing a shirt from one of his favorite bands.

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One Response to Back at home with the fam

  1. wei_k says:

    Wow, Spotty and I both!
    I’m on antibiotics, too. And I also have cough medicine, that has not prozac but codeine (right up there in the rankings).
    I hope she feels better…
    I loved the Poisonwood Bible; I’m surprised she had a report due already; did she love it too?

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