Come on, FEMA!

The truck is stuck in the mud and we can’t get it out.

Same for the van.

The van is stuck under an apple tree, which makes things even worse.

The lawn is so thick we can barely cut it.

And the puddles that still aren’t drying up are festering.

I know…. “festering” isn’t technically accurate, but it’s apt.


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5 Responses to Come on, FEMA!

  1. Anonymous says:

    You must be in Mississippi ! šŸ™‚

  2. talking2alex says:

    Way down in the valley…
    I was wondering how things were going down in the valley. I guess they are festering. It doesn’t sound good. Back in the old days there were people to enjoy those festering pools of hot mud! Sorry about your van with the apple topping, good news is it is supposed to be dry for maybe even 5 days.Maybe by then you won’t be stuck in the mud anymore.

  3. wei_k says:

    Wow! yes. But I do love those pictures you posted.
    I was mowing for 3 hours today! And at first, one of the areas was so thick (and maybe wet) that it was impossible to cut and I ended up leaving it for someone else to come back to.
    At least the cars have yet to be claimed by the murk, yes?

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