Goodbye, van!

Today Melissa, who works with Papa, came out with her boyfriend Dustin and bought the van.  Dustin works on cars and didn’t think that any of its many problems were insurmountable.  They brought their dog, Tia, who chased Spotty up a tree.

I tried to catch a last glimpse of the van as they drove it away, but just got the tail end of it.  I hope they made it home OK – no news is good news, but no news also could mean they broke down…

For dinner, we had the classic late-summer pasta with marinated tomato sauce.  Forgive me for photographing it.

Eli and Roya are in Madison tonight. This evening, I’ve been watching Six Feet Under without you again.

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One Response to Goodbye, van!

  1. wei_k says:

    I officially reduced my meal-plan today, and cooked my first non-Sunday-night meal this evening (pre-band). What I made was a kind of saute/stir-fry/curry out of a (big) cut-up zucchini, a tomato, basil, PB, and lots of spices/seasonings. I also made rice. It all turned out deliciously, AND I have left-overs!!
    I’m feeling already like I’ll need to shop differently than I ever have before, to have more available. Vegetables, mostly, and tempe/tofu. That said, I still have plenty of noodles, seasonings, and whatever else!
    I did think of you and of the fresh tomato pasta sauce on Sunday when I was having pasta and a similar sauce.

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