Here Comes the Parade!

MHHS Homecoming Parade 2007
Mrs. Jefko’s Class.  We were standing out there with the whole IC.

Middle School Band.  See Rya on the French Horn?

High School Band.

Aaahhh… Americana.  I think we were supposed to be wishing the Sauk Prairie Eagles a terrible fate.

Mount Horeb’s finest escort the Varsity Football Team.

And here’s the band entering the stadium.  The crowd goes wild!

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One Response to Here Comes the Parade!

  1. wei_k says:

    Ah, Americana….
    Way to photo-document!
    I always felt a bit of a disconnect when watching the parades, too. (as in, yes, i suppose this means we should be wishing the other team a terrible fate, while in fact I don’t particularly care…) They were nice, though. (I haven’t watched the movie of it yet that you sent me.)
    Over the summer, at a few points I saw marching bands either practicing or going down the street, and it made me homesick in a way I hadn’t predicted.

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