San Francisco!!!!!

I’m at the PEN convention, staying at the Whitcomb Hotel.  Today I was with a group that visited the Peninsula School in the Palo Alto/Menlo Park area.  (Basically, I had no idea where I was.)  It was like a junior Putney School and I absolutely loved it.  In the afternoon, I took a walk by myself in what turned out to be the Tenderloin District…. probably not the best move.  For dinner, Tresi and I went to a vegetarian restaurant in the next block, and it was great.  Tomorrow: conference sessions.  

Peninsula School’s main building is a former mansion.

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2 Responses to San Francisco!!!!!

  1. wei_k says:

    Yay! That’s cool. Were you able to go to Golden Gate Park and see the redwood trees, etc., when you went around the city?
    Also, I hear you didn’t see Barry on Friday, but hopefully you did on Saturday.
    I hope (okay, I need to find a synonym) that the rest of your trip was as cool.
    I think it’s super neat that the Peninsula School was like a jr. Putney. Was it boarding, or only day? And did it have a farm/work component?

    • wingraclaire says:

      Peninsula School, and more
      The Peninsula School is a day school, pre-K – 8. They don’t have a farm but do have a garden and perhaps some small animals get raised. They do do science projects with/ raise mice. Speaking of Putney, I wore either my Putney T-shirt or sweatshirt each day of the conference and nobody said a word about it. Surprising!!!

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