Milestones for Roya

Tonight was Senior Night at the Mt. Horeb football game.  It was the last game of  Roya’s marching band career.
The seniors dressed in cartoon-themed costumes and played music from animated TV shows and films.   Roya was Fiona from Shrek. Callie was either Peter Pan or Robin Hood.  (Costumes sort of interchangeable.)
And did you notice – she got her braces off yesterday!  It is also her 18th birthday!

Here are some more photos from the game, which we left after the half-time show. 
I know; they are kind of dark.

If we hadn’t spent the night in good old Mount  Horeb, we would have like to attend an appearance by T. C. Boyle at the Wisconsin Book Festival.

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One Response to Milestones for Roya

  1. wei_k says:

    From the picture, I can imagine that man writing the book we read of his.
    Yay for the marching band pics! I wish I were home already, that I’d gone home yesterday. 😦 Ah well. See you tomorrow!

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