Cold night, warm soup

Lentil soup.  Mmmmmmmm……..

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2 Responses to Cold night, warm soup

  1. talking2alex says:

    Oh so hungry
    I’ve just finished looking at all of your amazing foods. They all look delicious and healthy. It also looks like you have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen. What does “vegan dad” mean? I thought he was the one who was not interested in the vegan idea that you had. Did I remember that wrong? Anyhow, I’m loving the photos, keep them coming. Also Clare Seguin… I had forgotten about her. Now I remember “xeroxing” a lot of Tempeh recipes from someone and I think they were hers, I remember the style of writing etc., but I couldn’t remember if I copied them from you or her. You remember I taught with her at Montessori right? I think we all went to her place once for a summer party, yes? I will look and see if I still have those.I think I must, but Annie started a project of typing ALL my copied recipes and scrap of paper recipes which is great except that I haven’t seen my recipes in a while, they are in her room!

    • wingraclaire says:

      Re: Oh so hungry
      “Vegan Dad” is someone’s blog. He lives in Canada and posts vegan recipes. You’re right about this family’s dad! When I began looking at more vegan cooking sites, each had links to many more sites, and I like that one a lot.
      There is this thing going on in November called “Vegan MoFo,” or Vegan Month of Food Writing, where people who have blogs are asked to write about food in their posts. I responded to the notice by joking that all of our dinners were boring, but said I would post them, so there it is. I have no idea whether anyone else besides you and Kailah is actually reading this but I’m trying to play nice. I have used so many recipes from others that it seems only fair to add something to the mix. Last night we made roasted beets, which turned out pretty well.
      I think you got all of those recipes from that book. She is now a third-grade teacher in the Madison schools.

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