Holier Than Thou?

     I’ve been reading A Veg*n For Dinner for a few months now.  It’s a humorous blog by a mother with kids a little younger than ours (still at home).  The other day she made a comment about “eating vegetarian when she traveled” and got reamed out by a reader who had assumed that she was a total vegan. 
     My first reaction was, Wow!  That person should get a life!  After all, if we want more people to eat no meat, less dairy, etc. we need to encourage and not criticize. 
     My second thought, though, was, Wow!  These blogs are really public, and although nobody but my friends and family ever reads this, you never know who will come across it and be mean.   I try to be nice if I reply to people, but that’s just me, I guess…

     On a food note, this evening Kailah and I cooked up a storm.  Because we had forgotten an important Thanksgiving tradition, we rectified it by listening to Alice’s Restaurant.

We made mushroom and spinach lasagna, baked tofu, Korean Greens from New Recipes from the Moosewood Restaurant, and as long as the oven was on, we made granola.  Something went wrong with the proportions, however, and the end product was way too oily.  Here’s Kailah mixing in the raisins with her hands – it’s all sticking to her. Oh well, it tastes good!

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