Rain, fog and stress

Our severe cold left us for a few days, and in its place we got dangerous fog.  Driving anywhere has been a nightmare.  It’s also been raining, and yesterday we had a thunderstorm! This evening the fog let up and the rain turned to snow.  I hear it’s nice in New England!

   Investigators Monday were still trying to untangle the chain of events that led to a series of pileups on a fog-shrouded stretch of Interstate 39-90 Sunday, killing two and injuring dozens more.   – Wisconsin State Journal

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One Response to Rain, fog and stress

  1. Anonymous says:

    That all sounds terrible. Plus I know you have to fix the bumper that was damaged in the snow….even though now there is no more snow. And I was told (rather untactfully) by a friend of Max and Julie’s (whose name I forget) that, in addition to the snow/rain/fog/thunderstorms there was a TORNADO, “near Madison.” (I’ve seen in the paper since then where it was, and know it wasn’t near MH, but I wouldn’t say it was very kind of her to blithely tell me that there had been a terrible tornado in the vicinity of where my family/friends lived, and leave it at that.)
    Good luck driving.

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