How cold is it?

This would have to be the week that Papa decided to renovate the old kitchen!  Yesterday morning, the temp was -19, although by the time I was willing to drag myself out of bed, it had risen to a much warmer-feeling -13. 5.  I think that the .5 made all the difference.  In the old kitchen, it was above freezing, at least.  The bathroom felt Arctic.

To save on heat, and to keep the living space a little warmer, we blocked off the whole area, but last night (-22 again), the pipes to the washing machine froze, so that was obviously not going to be an option.  Papa kept up with the demolition, removing all the cabinets in the kitchen.  Note that there is no insulation in the ceiling at all…. and today’s high was, I think, -2.  Well, that’s just in the valley.  It was at least 1 above zero in the outside world. 

I would just like to say…. I miss Puerto Rico!!!!

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3 Responses to How cold is it?

  1. wei_k says:

    I can’t believe how stark the old kitchen looks without cabinets! I bet you do miss PR…
    Way down south where I am it got up to a whole 5 degrees, I think.

  2. Anonymous says:

    kitchen remodel
    I miss Puerto Rico, too, and I wasn’t even there!
    You can come sleep at our house – there’s a bed in Aaron’s old room:) The bathroom is nice and warm but the kitchen is freezing and I’m worried that the kitchen pipes will freeze like they did last year.
    Andrea Z

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