The Gift of Kale

Yesterday Wingra received a promotional “bouquet” from Edible Arrangements.  These beauties are more lovely, more delicious, and definitely more expensive than fresh flowers.
  I don’t eat most of that fruit, although I did have a few grapes and a strawberry.  But what really  made me excited was that under all that fruit was edible greenery – kale!
Nobody at work wanted it except me 🙂

I brought it home and made Tofu and Kale Burritos from Andrea’s blog, and they were really tasty!

In other news, it snowed 3 – 4″ on a day when no snow was predicted.  So what else is new? 

Oh, more stuff that happened today… of all the perks of living in the country (and if I think of any, I’ll post them here), today’s took the cake: dragging a very large, very dead, and very frozen stiff deer from our yard out into the woods, through all of the previous snow plus today’s new snow.  Fun.

Also, someone in Mt. Horeb has a really mean mother, although I won’t spoil it by mentioning any names.  However, said mother only bought her daughter vanilla Coke and strawberry kefir and got her books and movies because she was sick, but when sick daughter felt a little bit better, would not allow her to go to Madison to see her boyfriend.  Run-on sentence?  Deal with it!

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