-11 and that’s without the wind chill….

What with yesterday’s snow and the “blowing and drifting,” Eli had an impossible and ultimately aborted drive in to work.  He came back home after barely keeping the car on the road, and seeing some that had gone off.  Glad to have everyone here safe, even if there WAS some boredom…

So Papa used his day at home to tear out more plaster from the walls, leaving a window open for ventilation (he did wall off the area with plastic again).  Roya and I tried to get as far away from that side of the house as possible.  She’s reading Wide Sargasso Sea for school, and I cooked. 
Granola with almonds, sesame and hemp seeds.  It’s delicious.

Tempeh Shepher’s Pie from Clare Seguin’s Cooking With Tempeh

Something I made last night but we didn’t eat until tonight.  I had some leftover tofu and spinach filling from Fat-Free Vegan’s lasagne recipe.  I had used it as a pizza topping earlier in the week.  I lined a casserole dish with biscuit dough, spread the filling in it, topped it with spaghetti sauce and finished with another layer of dough.  It’s like a fabulous stuffed pizza, and Eli and Papa like it!

Oh yeah, and cabbage juice for science.  On the left is the plain cabbage juice.  On the right is the juice after I have added baking soda (dark blue on the bottom) and then poured in a bit of vinegar – it bubbled and turned purplish, indicating that it was more acidic.  We’re going to have fun with it at school this week.

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6 Responses to -11 and that’s without the wind chill….

  1. talking2alex says:

    Your creations look delicious! It’s amazing all the yummy foods that have been produced by all this frigid weather. Each time we come back to work from another frozen weekend everyone ends up sharing about what they cooked all weekend!

  2. wei_k says:

    You’re amazing. 🙂 All of that looks delicious. Except for the cabbage juice, I mean….which is cool just to look at. The casserole dishes especially.
    I didn’t have almonds or hemp seeds, but I put ground flax seed, coconut, and raisins in mine.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Where can I get the granola recipe? The other stuff really looks good too. You’re so industrious! Did Clare Seguin write a cookbook?

    • wingraclaire says:

      The recipe is adapted from the Deaf Smith Country Cookbook. We used to sell it at Whole Earth. I will post it on the blog where it is easier to type. Yes, Clare wrote a cookbook that is now out of print, but I’ve seen it used on Amazon. It’s called Cooking With Tempeh, published in 1982.

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