Obama Wins Wisconsin! (Oh yeah, and that other guy, McCain)

Today Roya and Papa went early to vote.  Roya registered and voted for the first time!  They were numbers 9 and 10.  Twelve hours later, I was 276, and there was still an hour left to go.  This is huge for Perry. 

The day’s commutes through the ice and snow were long, frustrating and discouraging… because we know that tomorrow is more of the same.

On a different note, our latest article of home furnishing is this classy futon frame, which also came with a lovely futon.  I can hardly fault Papa for jumping on this great deal; we DO need a bed for guests, in case we ever get any.  At the moment, though, it not only does not fit up the stairs, but there is also no room for it downstairs.  (Note the old kitchen still blocked off behind the lovely Roya.)  Today Lonnie and Papa figured out a way to dismantle it… they think… we’ll keep you posted!

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4 Responses to Obama Wins Wisconsin! (Oh yeah, and that other guy, McCain)

  1. talking2alex says:

    nice futon!
    I’m looking for one JUST like it for my office, forgive my jealousy, it looks beautiful! As for the snow and ice who knows what to say anymore but if it is continuing to fall just to build strength of character in us, then I guess we will be tough as nails when it all ends.

  2. wei_k says:

    I’m sorry about your commute… :-/ You need a good book-on-tape or something for during it.
    About voting, it took me 3 tries! (Did I already tell you?) When I finally did vote it was around 7:45 p.m. and there was no line, so that was appreciable.

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