Cool fun

When you get stuck in traffic on icy roads enough times, it helps to develop a Zen-like approach to life.  Take the time to enjoy yourself!  After all, nobody forced you to move to Wisconsin….  Bring your camera!  The ice-covered trees are really very beautiful.   And if you don’t make it to work until 8:20 (ten minutes ahead of the kids), no worries.  You could have been that rollover on the highway, but instead you are alive and intact enough to kvetch about the weather.  Isn’t that a comforting thought?

Mineral Point Road.  15 mph.  Road covered in ice and snow.
 About 85 cars in front of me.

But isn’t the landscape lovely?

The Beltline wasn’t moving either.

On the way home, Hwy 78’s drifts had been plowed.
But the ones on Perry Center Road are more impressive. 

This isn’t even our house, but the trees are icier than ours.

Not that our house isn’t icy!

Good night for soup.

Then we went outside to watch the lunar eclipse.  (at -11!)


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2 Responses to Cool fun

  1. wei_k says:

    You’re so bloggy!
    These pictures all are beautiful! And it’s nice to see you and Roya. 🙂
    The other day when I was rushing around tired and trying to do a million things all at once and before a certain time, I slipped on the stairs and caught myself and thought, it’s okay, things could be worse, I could have fallen. It’s nice when you’re able to stop and breath and remember perspective and not get caught up in negativity. Still, that’s quite a line and a trying of patience with all those cars and the commute… Way to make it a (say it with me now) “pho-to opportunity.”

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