On this date in history….

20 years ago today….

The text reads, “It was a wonderful day for a wagon ride Monday, especially for a 2-year-old contemplating the arrival of a new baby brother or sister.  Kailah Weiss-Weinberg, left, appeared lost in thought as she rounded the corner of Park Street and Vilas Avenue, accompanied by her neighbor, Matthew Gear, and his father, David Gear, 919 Chandler Street.  Kailah’s mother, Claire Weiss, gave birth to a son Monday at Saint Mary’s  Hospital.”

Happy Birthday, Eli!  And Matthew, we miss you….

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5 Responses to On this date in history….

  1. Anonymous says:

    happy birth – day to eli
    why don’t I even remember this photo? It is a great shot, why does it all look so long ago, couldn’t be because we are old, could it?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday to Eli!

  3. wei_k says:

    I had forgotten about that newspaper clipping. I love it. 🙂

  4. wingraclaire says:

    Yeah, you were pretty darn cute!

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