Kiss it goodbye

12 1/2 years is a long time to live with a crummy bathroom.  Papa has been itching to take it all down.  Take a last look at the old sink, tub, etc….

Now the demolition has begun in earnest….

And a random pic of some of our favorite people…

The joke is on us because from now until whenever, we’ll all (all four of us) be back to using one bathroom, upstairs, and I’m not used to that….

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4 Responses to Kiss it goodbye

  1. wei_k says:

    That’s really something….
    Thanks for capturing it in the pics and so I could see it too.
    Also, yay for some of our favorite people! (all 3 of them.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    What about the old kitchen that you wrote about? Is that finished? A new bathroom is a wonderful thing. I loved our new bathroom when it got remodeled, but now it seems old again. I’d like a new floor.

    • wingraclaire says:

      Kitchen, bathroom
      The old kitchen is next to the old bathroom. They are separated by the stairway to the basement. Both rooms are being remodeled simultaneously. A new bathroom will be great! Especially after living with one bathroom, as we are all doing now….

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