Long Time, No See?

Yo.  Our internet connection is fixed.  The builders had cut the line accidentally; that’s why we’ll have to pay the tech support people who came out to troubleshoot the problem….

At this very minute, Roya is on an airplane to Paris.  She left on a historic day here: the dollar fell to an all-time low against the euro.  Unfortunately.  So everything she buys over there will cost her so much more.  Oh well.  She will start by traveling around France for a week with her group, and will then be dropped off with a family for a week.  Wow!

Meanwhile, Eli will leave for his California spring-break road trip on Saturday.  Rhetorical question: if you’re not a student, do you really get a spring break road trip?  I guess he does!

In other news, the home improvement venture is going full-tilt.  We now have a new shower sitting in the garage, just waiting to be installed.  Lonnie has put in new windows. (They are all old windows from the old mudroom/entranceway, and so that saves us money.)  I realized that I can’t take a picture of this development because Roya took the camera to France.  However, I did manage to take a bunch of food pics before she left.

This is “Outrageously Easy BIG Bread” from vegweb.  Although there were specific directions for its creation, I just couldn’t bear to have a 100% white flour bread, and used one cup of whole wheat.  Next time I will use more.  It was a cold and yucky day when I made it, and this bread was dense, doughy and delicious.  We could not stop eating it, and the leftovers were great for sandwiches.  Best of all, it truly was outrageously easy.  Although the picture shows one loaf, I made two.  The recipe was a little unclear to me; that is, I couldn’t tell if you were supposed to make one or two loaves with it, so I made two. 

That same day I made a stew from millet and vegetables, with a few leftover shredded Trader Joe’s Meatless Meatballs thrown in.  I had bought them on a whim and used them in a tomato sauce with spaghetti.  Nobody really thought that much of them.  We are just really not into meat-like products and are just as happy without them.
Never buying THIS again!

Today and tomorrow: conferences.  Tomorrow afternoon: spring break!!!!  (See, I get spring break!!!!)

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4 Responses to Long Time, No See?

  1. wei_k says:

    That’s quite a lot going on at home! The “big bread” looks really good–I’ll have to try making it, especially if it’s outrageously easy! (Though I only have white flour…but I’ll put oats in, so maybe that gets me some healthy-hippie points.)
    Too bad about the Euro… Guess that means we should go to Asia or South America. 😉 Even so, I would really like to go to Europe one of these days.

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