Those travelers

    Well, Roya is in St. Malo, France.  She called today, and is thrilled to have been accepted to UC Santa Cruz. (Whether we can afford it is another matter!)
    Eli is in Atchison, Kansas. Or Emporia.  Or somewhere really near there.
    We are right here.  Our vacation is childless!

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4 Responses to Those travelers

  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see you are posting again. I missed you! Our whole family (except for Ken who is coming Tuesday – he had to stay home after the family room ceiling fell Thursday night)is in Seattle getting to know the most beautiful Elana Lee. She is so tiny – I just can’t remember the tinyness. Know any cures for extreme diaper rash?

    • wingraclaire says:

      Diaper rash
      I am so glad you are with the baby. The best cure for diaper rash is to let her have her little bottom exposed to air and sunlight…. do they have sunlight in Seattle? Also, I know it may not be all that warm. But fresh air is best. As a moisture barrier I hear that Crisco works great, although by the time I heard it my kids were too old for diapers. I will ask Claudia, the daycare teacher!

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Diaper rash
        Nope. No sunlight. We’re using desitin and airing her out when we can. She’s got thrush, which is, I think, related to the rash. She gets an anti-fugal for that. If I have a chance today I’m going to try the big bread since it’s fast. You’ve got to be fast around here or opportunity is lost. I’m trying to keep ahead of laundry, dishes and dirt, in general, so the tired-out parents get a little relief. Noah went back to work today and Taryn gets little sleep. Enjoy your break!

      • wingraclaire says:

        Re: Diaper rash
        Please give my love to the new family 🙂

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