…..And we’re back!

Kailah and I are back from Philadelphia (and Wayne), PA.  The Bar Mitzvah was great, and so was seeing the family.  Staying at the Loftstel was pretty good… and the price was right!  Spending 15 hours sitting in airports and on grounded planes trying to get there…. priceless.

Roya is back from France!  Well, she just got to Madison, anyway.

Eli should be coming home from Kansas tomorrow or the next day.

The old kitchen/new computer room, bathroom space is coming along.  The shower is in, a toilet is on the way, and the walls are going up.  When the camera comes home I will take some pics.

I snowed today; so much for spring.

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2 Responses to …..And we’re back!

  1. wei_k says:

    Wow, everything’s really coming along! And we’re all coming back from our respective places (exhale, inhale).
    I do think Spring is coming, despite this coldness.

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