Remember when the dining room was so crowded you could barely walk?  Well, we took care of that, all right.  (Actually, Papa did it when we were in Minnesota.)

Oh yeah, and the living room too.

See, the drywall is up, and we need room for the mudding and taping to take place…

So things are a little uncomfortable around the house.  That’s why it turned out that going to Minneapolis was a fabulous getaway, even though that wasn’t the original intention.

This is the walking bridge that connects the two sides of campus at UM.  The cool-looking building on the right is the art museum.

Our trip to the Mall of America was also successful and educational.  At left, Roya contemplates the Ferris Wheel…. although we did not end up going on any rides.  At right, she shows off some of her good deals.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    From the photos, I can’t recognize your house at all! I suppose you’ll have to have a “remodeled” party when it’s finished. I want to come. I’ll even bring food.

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