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I took my own walk

 Kailah says I should say, “My friend went on the cancer walk and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”I wore an old shirt and took my own walk…

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Our awesome dinner is courtesy of Claudia

Check out this awesome meal: That’s vegan mushroom bisque, salad, and bread!!! And for dessert, rhubarb crisp!!! Thank you sooooo much… hope SITC was a lot of fun….

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On Memorial Day, Roya played in the community service at the high school.  It was her last time in uniform…. Here they are…. I have no idea where Roya was. And here they are all marching to the cemetery… They … Continue reading

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Spring Foods in Wisconsin

Mmmmmmmmmorels….. and that’s before adding the chives (no photo).   Oh, and check out this watercress! Meanwhile, here’s the AARP card I received in the mail…. hey, AARP, I really appreciate the birthday thoughts, but I don’t turn 50 until next … Continue reading

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Memes and fads

Andrea says, A meme seems to be sort of an Internet chain letter. I’ve mostly been a chain-breaker except for those “send a postcard to the name at the top of the list and you’ll soon receive hundreds of post … Continue reading

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Really quick update

Washer and dryer in place!  Toilet in place!  (No door on bathroom yet…) Old doors ready to be taken off; new doors ready to be installed. Yesterday Papa tilled up a new garden space (for flowers) and I hung out … Continue reading

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Big Changes

Linoleum.  That means we can have the washing machine back soon.  AND a toilet downstairs….. Also, Lonnie and Matt put up trim all over.  This means we’ll have, like, real walls like other people have… Today Eli moved back into … Continue reading

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