Really quick update

Washer and dryer in place!  Toilet in place!  (No door on bathroom yet…)

Old doors ready to be taken off; new doors ready to be installed.

Yesterday Papa tilled up a new garden space (for flowers) and I hung out laundry!

Papa found shitaake mushrooms on the logs, and I found chives in the garden.  We had nut loaf, mashed potatoes and salad, and the chives went really well with all of that!

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4 Responses to Really quick update

  1. Anonymous says:

    woohoo! It’s looking good. A front loader, too. I can’t wait to see all this. I think our fallen ceiling will be replaced next week and I can’t wait to use the room again without thinking the rest of the ceiling is going to fall on my head.
    btw, Noah and Taryn are coming June 24 and we are thinking of having a little party (brunch) the following Sunday to introduce the baby.

  2. w_squared says:

    beautiful pics
    All the appliances look nice, the new doors are rad (and big improvements over the old ones, appearance-wise), and veggies + yard are so verdant!

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