We Are Still Here

Unlike other places in Wisconsin, we have not washed away.  However, we did flood.  On June 8th, the day Roya graduated from high school, the big rains began…

Yeah, the entire valley was a river.  We actually moved the Subaru to higher ground.  Then Kailah went out to explore…
We weren’t sure how far it was going to go…

There’s the garden washing away, and the river through the yard…

We had more heavy rains during the week, and on the next Sunday, the 15th, I took these pictures:

If I put my boots on, I can wade across the yard and hang up laundry.  We can’t go into the garden at all, though (what is left of it).

We can’t play horseshoes, and the waterfall has been running continuously.
The woodchuck’s home, however, seems to have survived.

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