I have never been to the National Womens Music Festival, despite its being much easier to get to than to Michigan, where I have been several times (albeit looooong ago…..).   It’s always been in the Midwest, usually on a college campus in Illinois or Indiana, but this year it was in Madison for the first time, and Kailah and I went for two days.  On the first evening, we worked for a few hours.  This allowed us to attend on the next day for a waaay reduced fee.   We had a great time, and I wondered why I had never bothered to go to it before.  The absolute highlight of the entire event, for me, was
Cris Williamson!!!!!!!
We also saw, and loved:
Tret Fure!!!  Second time in two months!!!
Ellis – new to both of us, and really charming.
Martine Locke, also new to us.
Slam poet Andrea Gibson.
All the Kings Men, a drag troupe.  As Aunt Ruth would say, “Nem for der Kinder.”
Comedian Karen Williams, also not G-rated.  She skewered the Michigan festival, describing it as a place where you get rained on, have to sleep on the ground, and are forced to eat tofu.  Thanks, Karen, for reminding me why I liked Michigan!  It’s been 25 years and I can still taste the great, all-you-can-eat vegetarian food and see the stars overhead….

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  1. wei_k says:

    Yeah, it was awesome!
    oh, and I mailed in those feedback forms.

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