We went to the Mini-apple!

This past week we drove up to Minneapolis for Roya’s orientation at U of M.  Yes, she is officially a Gopher.  (A hard thing to be in Wisconsin!)

As a part of our parent orientation, we took a “trolley ride”  (i.e. little trolley-shaped bus thingy) around the city.  It turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip!  Here’s what we saw…

These are the Saint Anthony’s Falls on the Mississippi.  We actually got to get out for a better look…

On one side of the bridge, you can see the falls and the locks.  On the other side is where the bridge collapsed last summer, and they’re rebuilding it 24/7. 

On the East Bank are some historic flour mills. 
Historic Pillsbury mill
More mills

And on the other side, more mills – including the old Gold Medal Flour mill, which is now part of the Mill Museum – and the Guthrie Theater, which has an amazing cantilevered deck.

Then we went to the Walker Sculpture Gardens.

Wish we had this much public art in Madison!

Oh yeah, and I was really excited to see an old friend on a downtown corner…
You know….

I wish I could say the food we had over the course of our two days lived up to expectations.  On our first night there, we ate at a Chinese restaurant that was, literally, around the corner from our Eagan motel.  It was OK.  Lunch and dinner the next day were on the U of M (I mean, we paid and they provided).  However, I had expected “vegan” because I had checked “vegan” when registering, but at lunch there was dairy lasagna, salad (with Parmesan cheese in it), roasted vegetables and bread sticks… nothing else.  Then at dinner, the main course was chicken; there was also asparagus, potato salad, watermelon and brownies.  At lunch, I had just grumbled and eaten my roasted vegetables; I wasn’t starving, and we only had 15 minutes, which wasn’t long enough to go scout out an alternative.  But at dinner, after speaking to the chef, who made me a grilled vegetable-and-pasta dish, we approached the orientation coordinator, who apologized and said that she had no idea why the chef hadn’t been warned ahead of time, and also said that at morning registration someone was supposed to have given me a ticket to go and get lunch in the Union cafe (and had I asked, they probably would have…).  So, no tragedy but kind of disappointing. 

Roya-wise, things are pretty good.  She got many classes that interest her, met new people, and is looking forward to the fall in Minneapolis!

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2 Responses to We went to the Mini-apple!

  1. wei_k says:

    Wow, that looks awesome! I want to visit one of these days.
    Also, about the bridge collapse, I actually read about it in a Balinese newspaper last summer. It was front-page! It had the word ‘terroris’ in the title line, and it was weird to see ‘terroris’ and ‘Minnesota (Amerika)’ in the same line. Like in the “Blues’ Brothers”–“I hate Illinois nazis!” you know, something incongruous about it. But what the article was saying was that the collapse was not part of a terrorist attack….

    • wingraclaire says:

      World-wide news
      And today I read about a documentary on cable, detailing an American tourist in Bali who was framed for drugs (drugs were “found” in her shipped-through, unlocked luggage). Sounds as if she was almost executed for it…. moral of the story is to only take carry-on luggage to Bali?

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