Everything Ends

Remember the summer of 2001?  It was our first time driving up to Minnesota to find the church where the bus left for Concordia.  We stayed in a seedy little motel and watched a strange new show on cable.  At the point where we turned on the TV, a woman my age had just taken what she thought was an aspirin, and instead began hallucinating on Ecstasy.  She ran through the woods in her nightgown…. meanwhile, her son was at home realizing that his mom had taken the aspirin bottle šŸ™‚  Well, that show was Six Feet Under, and a few years later I began catching up with it on DVD.  Every school vacation I have watched a few more episodes, and last night I watched the series finale.  That was pretty hard!  Sounds silly, but I’m really going to miss it!

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2 Responses to Everything Ends

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not silly at all. In fact, the same thing happened to me. I “accidentally” saw part of an episode, and ended up watching one season per week to catch up with all the seasons I’d missed. I hated the idea of watching the last episode because I didn’t want it to end. But you have to admit, they created a final episode that was as final as it is possible to be.

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