OOH! Look!

For ages now (months?) this has been our view of the “old kitchen:” 

Actually, the view through our new picture window is so beautiful, in any weather, I’ve been photographing it often.

Anyway, today, just before dinner, Lonnie and the guys pulled in with a whole slew of cabinets they had been building and we had been eagerly awaiting.

When they carried it all in, the space became a lot smaller but the view became a lot more interesting!
  Tomorrow: installation!  (They promised….)

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4 Responses to OOH! Look!

  1. wei_k says:

    Wow, cabinets!! (finally…) And yes, that certainly will change the view!

  2. talking2alex says:

    Your Cabinets
    Wow, your cabinets are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love them, and I have not even seen them in person. I don’t want to say it might be worth the wait but? Congratulations on their arrival! My Mother would say “use them in good health”! I can’t argue. Seriously enjoy them they are gorgeous!

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