Exterior Decorating

Well, since they haven’t actually come back, let’s look at the OUTSIDE for a change.  Papa’s flowers are all growing like mad.  The plants that didn’t die from too much water (like the raspberries) are now enjoying the 80+ degree temps.


No idea what either of these are called.

Zinnia and sunflower garden (sunflowers haven’t opened yet)

Another flower I don’t know.  I call it the Doctor Seuss plant because it has so much foliage and then makes this little mop head of a flower like something he would draw….

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4 Responses to Exterior Decorating

  1. Anonymous says:

    The plant on the left (white flowers above spiky leaves) looks like a yucca. The one on the right is goose-neck loosestrife. The latter is a native plant and very pretty, but it spreads vigorously. It often ends up on top 10 lists of “plants I wish I’d never planted” – including mine! The Seuss plant looks like a clematis. I think I’m seeing clematis leaves there. Is it a climber? After the flowers bloom, they turn into those strange hairy pompoms. Maybe you missed the flower while you were away.

    • wingraclaire says:

      Thank you!
      Thank you Doctor Plant!!!!! Yes, I may indeed have missed the flower! Indeed, Alan says yes to yucca and clematis (see, HE knows!) but says that the loosestrife has not spread at all. In contrast, we do have other invasive species choking out things on our hill….

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Thank you!
        Yeah, I thought I was probably wrong about that even as I wrote it but my obsession with this plant overwhelmed my good judgment. The plant is beautiful but AGGRESSIVE and refuses to behave or go away. The loosestrife has a smaller flower head with a pointy end and a curve, like a goose’s neck.
        I can’t see your plant clearly – can’t see the leaves. Is it Cimicifuga? (bugbane or cohosh or fairy candle)Looks like it could be, or maybe butterfly weed? Does it have thin, pointy leaves in opposing pairs?

      • wingraclaire says:

        Re: Thank you!
        I’ll have to check; I keep forgetting when I am outdoors.

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