Finger–foods for dinner

I’d eaten wraps but never actually rolled any, so these could have been better, or fuller, or something… but they did taste good.

I used Tofutti Better-than-cream-cheese, basil leaves, spinach leaves, mustard, tomato, cucumber and onion.  Papa’s and Royas also had feta.   It was a total finger-food meal because we also had an artichoke and sweet corn.

The previous night, we had this salad, which was absolutely delicious, and probably make-able in Hong Kong….

Yesterday Roya and I did some shopping, hauled a load of Eli’s stuff home, ate lunch out, and went to see WALL-E.  It was a cute but also very meaningful movie.

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One Response to Finger–foods for dinner

  1. wei_k says:

    Those both look/sound delicious. Perhaps I will try them at some point. So far I haven’t done a ton of cooking, though just as of yesterday and the day before I now have vegetables and tofu and soy sauce and rice, meaning the start of doing some cooking.
    Also, I watched a movie in a theater the other day, too. It was called “Le Lingerie.” From the poster & name it could have been good or awful, but it turned out to be really good and surprisingly funny. I recommend.

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