And we’re off!

Today I finally got into my classroom.  Check out the scene this morning at 7:00.  Aren’t the new windows nice?  None of the stuff in here is mine, though.  It all belongs to the Spanish program and the After School program.

At 7:30 the movers showed up.  Movers!  Can you believe it?  All I had to do was tell them where to put stuff!  By 9:30, all of their stuff was out and mine was in.  Except for my door.  I mean, I can’t exactly switch doors, can I?

Then Lisa and I got busy.  We put up fabric on the blackboards and started cleaning furniture.  I wanted shorter bookcases (who wants to block those great windows?) so I dismantled the double-decker one and the pieces fit under the chalk rail.  A new, huge, ugly cabinet needed some paint, so it got one coat of yellow before I left for the day.

Doesn’t this just scream, “I’m a teacher!!!” ?  Do you think it’s all too much color?

School starts in TWO WEEKS!!!!!  Will I be ready?

OH, and by the way, for dinner I chopped up some of that lovely fungus and roasted it with potatoes, tempeh, garlic, green beans and zucchini.  (No photo.)  I suppose it tasted like chicken….

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One Response to And we’re off!

  1. wei_k says:

    Wow, it looks so airy and spacious! Those new windows are really nice.

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