Empty Nest? JK!

Just when we thought we were done with late-night trips to Urgent Care, Spotty got sick.  On a Saturday.  Of course.   Naturally, we let her hang out for a day to see whether she would snap out of it.  (After all, she could have just eaten a bad mouse.)  But by the end of the day she hadn’t eaten a thing and seemed very frail, although she did drink.  She also hung out on the deck in the sun for awhile.

So in the evening I took her to the new pet emergency room, conveniently located on Midtown Road about a mile from ye olde homestead.  Three hours and a bazillion uninsured dollars later, we came home with antibiotics, special foods, a diagnosis of urinary tract infection with probably early kidney disease, and an uncertain future.   Today I took her in to her regular vet, who for $75.00 was able to coraborate what we already knew.  He also gave her some fluids and more special cat food.   Oh, and about the special cat food….
The emergency vet said we could try giving Spotty some steak or chicken; anything to tempt her to eat.  I said we didn’t have any of that at home.  "Oh," she said, "Then you could just give her some lunch meat or tuna."  I said we didn’t have that either.   That’s when we got this stuff.

So far she hasn’t eaten too much of anything, but guess who is crazy about it, and who feels that it is so NOT FAIR that his sister gets it and he doesn’t?  I guess we aren’t done with sibling rivalry, either!

He just knows she’s in there eating it!   Mom!  Make her share!

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5 Responses to Empty Nest? JK!

  1. wei_k says:

    I hope she’s doing better, and gets better…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Poor Spotty. We know all about feline kidney disease at our house. And special diets. And fluid injections. I hope she’s feeling better.
    We also know about not having “tempting” foods in the house. I once was given a hot dog by a neighbor to lure what appeared to be a wolf in my yard (turned out to be 3/4 wolf) close enough to read her tag. Actually it was a visiting Aaron who lured her. I was too scared.

    • wingraclaire says:


      • Anonymous says:

        3/4 wolf. A “pet.” A huge white wolf-like animal. She was being cared for by someone while her owner was in D.C., and had run away. Animal Control had been searching for her all day but I didn’t know that until they arrived at my house following a string of phone calls. Buffy was sniffing her and I was panicked and ran “carefully” into the yard to retrieve her before anything happened. The animal was not aggressive, thank heavens. But very, very big and startling. And gorgeous.

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