Trying to save money only works out so well…

So the idea was, make a whole bunch of food and freeze or store it so we don’t have to work so hard making dinner during the week.  This past weekend I made lasagna, seitan, bread, two kinds of marinated/baked tempeh for two different recipes, banana muffins, and rice and vegetables.  We don’t have a million garden items, but we do have a lot to use before it rots…
Instead of spinach, that "ricotta" has garden basil and chard.
For that TLT recipe
The usual tempeh
That loafy thing in the back is seitan, which I don’t normally bake but a) the recipe called for it, and b) I already had the oven on.  It’s a lot drier and denser than the simmered kind, but Papa likes it a lot.
That’s garden broccoli, cabbage, onions, chard and zucchini.  Oh, and shiitake mushrooms.

So I came home yesterday ready to not work hard making food…. right….. but to make some reuben sandwiches I ended up making some Russian dressing, and then coleslaw to have with dinner.  Those were the best sandwiches we’ve had in ages, though.
I know it looks funny with the bread machine holes, but it still tasted great.
Cabbage, carrots and onions from the garden.

And tonight, more seitan in this recipe.  I didn’t have a lime but we did have canned diced "Mexican Style" tomatoes with cilantro and lime.  This is one awesome recipe, and I had one poblano pepper plus one green pepper from the garden.  That’s on a spinach tortilla from Trader Joe’s, and there is  a strip of soy cheese on top.

I think world events + the busyness of school + the abundant garden just keeps me cooking.  What I meant about saving money was that I’ve been trying to use the oven once a week to make all the stuff.  That’s great, as far as it goes, but the weekend was too cooking-heavy.  And then I didn’t drive to Madison because we’re trying to save on gas, but ended up going anyway to take Spotty to the vet.  And of course, it’s hard to save money in general when you end up with two vet bills in a couple of days…. might as well eat!

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2 Responses to Trying to save money only works out so well…

  1. Anonymous says:

    The food looks great. Wish I could cook ahead like that but I always get overwhelmed by the thought. It’s kind of like cooking for a party which is okay if you don’t have to do it too often.
    About the baked seitan — you can give it the texture of the simmered kind if you cut off what you need and put it in hot water for a few minutes. So, you can have it both ways!

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