A Crummy Snack Makes a Great Breakfast

In our quest for healthy snacks to sell at the School Store, Lisa and I are always buying things for the kids to sample.  Here’s one that earned a universal thumbs-down.  If there were really truth in advertising, these should be called "Vaguely Apple-Flavored, Apple-Slice-Shaped Chunks of Styrofoam." 

But it occurred to me that the apple slices sort of resembled the dehydrated apple chunks in instant oatmeal.  So this morning I crumbled some into my oatmeal as it cooked, added raisins and a little brown sugar, and viola!  A super-delicious breakfast.

By the way, good call on the freeze warnings!  I think I heard Papa say it was in the twenties at 3:30 a.m.; by now at 9:00 it’s in the thirties.

And here are a few survivors:

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3 Responses to A Crummy Snack Makes a Great Breakfast

  1. wei_k says:

    Wow, frost…. I feel very removed from ye olde typical Autumn, being in HK.

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