Long days during the week…

So you’d think that with that whole empty-nest thing we’ve got going here, we’d have all the time in the world to hang out and cook.  Not!  By the time we get home, I’m lucky to take a walk before it’s dark, and by that time it’s getting late.  But we still have lots of fresh things to use, or open things to use up, so convenience foods aren’t practical.  This evening, in order to use up tomatoes getting overripe, sauerkraut, bread and the sausages I made on the weekend, we had Reubens.  MMMMMMMMM………  like Andrea says, the sausages are best when sliced and sauteed a little bit first.

I did NOT mean to give Tweety Bird a toupee!  I only noticed this after I took the picture.

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2 Responses to Long days during the week…

  1. wei_k says:

    haha, oh Tweety… That plate is so familiar! And those Reubens sound really good.

  2. Anonymous says:

    that’s so funny. I thought the same thing when I saw tweety bird. He needs a mashed potato beard!

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