Suddenly Winter

Suddenly we’re cooking for cold winter nights.  As it’s about 32 degrees right now, and snowing to boot, I guess it qualifies… and this evening it felt like winter cooking for sure.
First of all, we made this soup from a recipe in last week’s Parade Magazine.  I didn’t have a parsnip, but I used celery root from Claudia.  And you don’t need creme fraiche with this…. it is seriously the most delicious soup we have eaten in a long, long time.

The day started out in the 40’s, and it was sunny, but the forecast was for heavy winds to begin in the late morning, with possible snow showers.   I took the first video just to show the wind, but soon afterwards it began to snow!!!!   Ummm…. I’m trying to upload these videos to youtube, so if it actually works I will include a link to them some other time.  Right now I’m going to bed…

To see the cats’ territorial behavior, you’d think we only had one heat register in the entire house.

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5 Responses to Suddenly Winter

  1. Your cats are SOOOOOO cute. Love the Soup!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yumm, that soup looks great. Your puddy-tats are so cute.

  3. talking2alex says:

    Your soup looks great, as for the cats, I was sitting by the register last night too! Brrrrrrrr!

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