Good Old Moosewood Cookbook

No matter what kind of hummus we buy, Papa always has a soft spot for the Moosewood recipe, and on the weekend we cooked some garbanzo beans and he made it the way he likes it – with big chunks.  This isn’t the stuff you’d dip into with pita bread; more like something you’d eat with a fork 🙂  I had it in a sandwich anyway.

Today we had more snow showers, and tonight it will be in the 20’s. 

Let’s see if the windy video and the snowy video will upload!   And now you’ll really see what you’re missing!

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7 Responses to Good Old Moosewood Cookbook

  1. We’ve had some pretty windy days too but you can keep the snow!
    I like chunky Hummus too!

  2. Anonymous says:

    We call the chunky stuff chick pea salad. I’m very fond of it no matter what it’s called.

  3. wei_k says:

    The other day I had some hummus that a friend made substituting peanut butter for tahini. It was still tasty, if not as “authentic.” I’d really like to make hummus soon. Well, I guess as of now I’ll wait a few weeks! But you know what I mean.
    Also, I enjoyed the videos. Why’d you put them under Roya’s name? Also the account owner is listed as being 21. hmm…

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