How we spent our Halloween

Yep, it was a super-exciting evening here, eating our stir-fry made with the Seitan o’Greatness and doing a crossword puzzle…..NOT carving pumpkins, NOT dressing up, and NOT giving out candy (because nobody ever comes out this far).

                                                           The weather has been exciting, though!  After our cold, wet, rainy, snowy, sleety, frosty and freezing week we had a few last-hint-of-summer days, yesterday and today.  Yesterday I took a walk with the camera.

They said that Pampas grass was an invasive species, and look – it has spread across the street!

Woolly Bear caterpillar, and newly filled cracks on the road.  I know, it seemed lame to photograph streaks of tar, but they are actually quite intricate.  And I watched them do it the day before…
My favorite tree has lost its leaves.

The corn is all down and the hay is cut.

Study in black and white: Muggs and Cinco

The good weather meant the sidewalk fairies could finally come, because when we got home today this is what we found.

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5 Responses to How we spent our Halloween

  1. Anonymous says:

    The weather has definitely been enjoyable the last few days. Next week it’s supposed to be in the 70s.
    We had loads of trick-or-treaters last night including someone collecting canned goods—it was perfect night to be outside. Although we did nothing to encourage visitors, (no pumpkins, no spider webs, no tombstones, no costumes) the doorbell rang and rang.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Those are great piccies. Love the Woolly Bear caterpillar! The filled road lines remind me of Nazca lines, for some reason.
    We don’t get trick-or-treaters either!
    Felicity at

  3. wei_k says:

    Weird… a sidewalk…
    Thanks for all the pics. 🙂

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