Dinner for Two

It’s colder, but it had been cold before.  The difference, I think, is that the cold is here to stay.  Here is today’s shot out the picture window!

Lately we’ve been adjusting to the time change and the darkness when we get home… we somehow feel the need to eat right away, even when it isn’t that late.  The other day we decided the seaweed soup cuisine was the best quick meal we could have. 
On other days, we are taking more time.  Believe it or not, we still have a few tomatoes that were harvested green and are slowly turning red (and wrinkling) on our counter.  I know – we could have wrapped each one in newspaper.  We’ve done it in the past.  This year, though, we were too lazy.  Or something.  I used most of those tomatoes to make chili.   Then I picked up a few more apples off the ground and made muffins.

Eli arrived today for a visit of undetermined length.  He was in need of comfort food, so I made the Mashed Potatoes and  Chickpea Gravy from VWAV.  It didn’t rate a photo because it’s pretty much beige-on-beige.  Good, though!

I have been tagged by Bethany to answer / participate in a meme with "random factoids."  Wow!  I’ll do that tomorrow.  Thanks, Bethany!

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4 Responses to Dinner for Two

  1. Anonymous says:

    Seeing the snowy pic scares me because I’m a big baby when it comes to cold. I grew up in VT and ME, so I have done some time in the cold 🙂
    It’s been cold here in the Seattle area lately, but today it felt so much warmer. Probably because it was 52 F out today and tonight.
    The food looks yummy as usual :). I still have to track down some seaweed soup. In tonight’s cooking class, they put some hijiki seaweed into a pot with squash and tempeh. The seaweed and squash was really good together.

  2. wei_k says:

    Yay, snow!
    Also, that chili looks really good. ALSO, I’m surprised a bit you can still pick apples off of the ground. But I guess it’s only snowed a little and then re-melted, so they’re kept in an okay condition? Anyway, those muffins also look really good! I have to get a muffin tin so that I’ll be able to make muffins again.

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