Back in Wisconsin!

I am back at home after twelve days traveling to and from Hong Kong.  I had a great time visiting Kailah and still cannot believe I was halfway across the world just a few days ago.  I had so many amazing experiences, and took a zillion photos to prove it.  So…. over the next month or so, I’ll post them with some explanations.  Hong Kong is beautiful and not too cold at this time of year, so please keep in mind that I may be trying to milk this fabulous event  for all it’s worth as I gaze out onto the reality outdoors…

Let’s begin by pointing out where, exactly, Kailah is.  Hong Kong is an island plus "a small slice of land on the southern coast of China." (Xu Xi)  Kailah lives and teaches at Lingnan University in Tuen Mun, in the New Territories, part of that Mainland Slice.  (Look to the west to see Tuen Mun.)

On my first day in Hong Kong, Kailah took me on a tour of the University grounds and her neighborhood.  But first, we had breakfast.  Have you ever tried a dragonfruit?  I hadn’t!  Aren’t they beautiful?  From the colorful exterior, to the black-seeded white interior, they are beautiful inside and out.  Dragonfruits have a light, sweet taste that doesn’t clobber you over the head like a mango or papaya.  I fell in love right away.   Next to the fruit is the oatmeal Kailah cooked on her induction cooker, HK’s answer to the hotplate.

Lingnan University has a beautiful campus.  I will show it to you tomorrow when I am not so tired…. Hong Kong is 14 hours ahead of us, and so is my body…..

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8 Responses to Back in Wisconsin!

  1. wei_k says:

    Well, according to HK Observatory, it’s currently 16 C here (~50 F), and there’s a Cold Weather Advisory out. haha. Actually, this morning it was kind of cold– low temp of the day is listed/predicted at being 12 C (~45 F). Still. Can’t compare with the ice & snow of Wisconsin.
    I find the first few paragraphs of this the best:
    Cold Weather Warning
    The Cold Weather Warning is now in force.
    The Hong Kong Observatory is forecasting cold weather in
    Hong Kong today.
    As Hong Kong is being affected by a cold winter monsoon,
    people are advised to put on warm clothes and to avoid
    adverse health effects due to the cold weather. You must
    also ensure adequate indoor ventilation.
    If you must go out, please avoid prolonged exposure to
    wintry winds.
    If you know of elderly persons or persons with chronic
    medical conditions staying alone, please call or visit them
    occasionally to check if they need any assistance.
    Make sure heaters are safe before use, and place them away
    from any combustibles. Do not light fires indoors as a
    means to keep warm.
    Whatever the temperature, please ensure that there is
    plenty of fresh air in your room when you are using an
    old-type gas water heater.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Welcome back! I’ve tried dragon fruit, but found it flavourless… no doubt due to having been picked unripe and transported thousands of miles. Looking forward to reading about your Hong Kong experiences!
    ~Felicity at

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Claire, welcome back to wintry Wisconsin. I’m looking forward to your pictures and comments about the trip. (It’s a good thing you got out of Hong Kong before the cold spell hit.)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t mean for that last comment to be anonymous. I forgot to choose the correct category. -Andrea

  5. Anonymous says:

    welcome back! I’m glad you had a lot of fun. It’s important to get away from the cold and have a break.
    Seattle snow has melted, but mine hasn’t. I am about a 40 minute drive from seattle and I’m also at a higher elevation, so who knows when I can drive my precious prius again. wah! though the snow does bring nice clear blue skies and sun 🙂
    wow, dragon fruit is beautiful. It looks almost impossible with the contrasting colors, like somebody made it up.

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