Reality Bites

Last Sunday: ice storm
There was 1/4" of ice on everything,

Midweek, we had a few more inches of snow.  Then yesterday, 8".

For dinner, Papa made a very warming stew from chickpeas, artichoke hearts, potatoes, and squash.  It was from one of our many Moosewood cookbooks, The Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home.  Everyone loved it.

It almost takes your mind off the weather.  Coming up this week: even colder temperatures.  And we have set a record for snowfall.  Yippee.

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10 Responses to Reality Bites

  1. Brrrrrrrr!!!!
    That snow is insane!!
    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know, Claire, the weather always sounds worse when you describe it than it seems here in the city! I was hoping for nine inches of snow, but we only got a few, maybe three or four. I was planning to leave work early (to avoid dangerous conditions) but the snow, after a wimpy start, just stopped.
    Next week’s temperatures sound a little scary. Our kitchen pipes have a tendency to freeze. Last time we had cold like this and the pipes froze, we insulated them, but so far it’s been untested. Lucky for us they haven’t burst, yet, but they are really OLD pipes. Brrr. So what about those pictures from China???

  3. Anonymous says:

    eeek, that looks cold. It’s been colder here than usual… down to below freezing every night and only a couple of degrees above during the day. But in the last couple of days it warmed right up and has been +9C (48F). We’ve still had no snow this year so far.
    ~Felicity at

  4. Anonymous says:

    yummy looking stew! that will be the day when andy makes me stew, you’re really lucky.
    one of my sisters had the moosewood cookbook growing up. I haven’t had one of my own. I tend to buy vegan only cookbooks now, but maybe I shoudl go to the 1/2 priced books and check it out.
    Mollie Katzen was selling prepared soups in the stores for a while and some were vegan. they were pretty good.
    bah humbug to snow. i guess that is implied :). I hope you get to go sledding or xcountry skiing or something fun.

    • wingraclaire says:

      I had to stop buying vegan cookbooks because I had so many; I needed to further explore the ones I have already. Alan’s going one step further by going back to the old, old books (Moosewood, Vegetarian Epicure, Deaf Smith) to see what we haven’t tried or to rediscover old favorites. Vegetarian Epicure, in particular, is where I first learned to make Indian dishes in the 70’s, and still contains some of my favorite recipes. I’m too lazy to go above and beyond when it comes to veganizing something, so I look for ones that already fit into my scheme. (Soymilk for milk, I can do that much….)

  5. wei_k says:

    Those pictures look COLD. Also peaceful. I’m glad you survived it all.

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